24 December 2010

Silent Night

190 years ago, the carol "Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht" was heard for the first time in a village church in Oberndorf, Austria. The congregation at that Midnight Mass in St. Nicholas Church listened as the voices of the assistant pastor, Fr. Joseph Mohr, and the choir director, Franz Xaver Gruber, rang through the church to the accompaniment of Fr. Mohr's guitar. On each of the six verses, the choir repeated the last two lines in four-part harmony.
On that Christmas Eve, a song was born that would reach the hearts of thousands of people throughout the world.
It’s been translated into at least 44 languages and sung by untold millions every December from small chapels to great cathedrals.
During World War I, the carol was sung simultaneously in English and German by troops during the Christmas truce of 1914, as it was one of the few carols that soldiers on both sides of the front line knew.
The song has been recorded by over 300 artists, particularly successful in hit versions by Enya (sung in Irish), Andrea Bocelli or Bing Crosby.

Susan Boyle, the Scottish former church volunteer who first appeared on Britain's Got Talent and stunned the judges silly, offers us a beautiful version of Silent Night in her her record-breaking debut album I Dreamed a Dream.
Listen and enjoy.

If you feel like doing a fill in the gaps activity based on this widely-known song, click on its name.
Come on now, it's very easy!


enrique said...

This song is so lovely.She is a gorgeus woman whith a beautiful voice.I love her.She is a angel

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. A clear example of that appearances are deceiving.

María Jesús Balán said...

I couldn't agree more with your comment. Nowadays people usually pay too much attention to appearance and this leads to wrong conclusions in most cases.

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