30 March 2009

Pruebas de Certificación de Idiomas 2009

Click on the links below to read important information about the test you have to sit if you want to get the EOI Certificate in Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level.
You need to fill in a registration form and pay a fee to enroll for the test. Don't forget the registration dates : May 4 to May 15

24 March 2009

My Profile (by Andrés, 1ºA-NB)

Monasterio de Piedra (on the left) and Calatayud (on the right)

Have a good day, everyone!
My name is Andrew, and I am a first year student at the Official School of Languages in Avilés.

I am currently a pre-retired bank clerk, and in my spare time, I help with some work at a friend’s Agency and Estate Agent's in Piedras Blancas. I also study English.

I was born in a small town called Calatayud, in Zaragoza, where my sisters live. It’s a very well located city with many beautiful things to see, so I recommend everybody to visit the area!

17 years ago I came to work in Avilés, in the Central Bank, then called Banco Central Hispano and later in Banco Santander Central Hispano. I worked in Grado, Mieres, Piedras Blancas, Pravia, Cangas del Narcea and Pravia again. I finally retired in 2006, and I settled to live in Piedras Blancas, where I had my house.

I am married, my wife is called Elizabeth, and her whole family is from Aviles. We have two daughters, Andrea and Patricia, and they have already finished their studies and are working, one in Avilés and the other in Toledo. We also enjoy the company of two beautiful cats: Tina (female) and Lucas (male).

Although I am not working now, I don’t have much free time, but I try to enjoy doing what I like now: studying English, going to the countryside, walking, travelling, going to the beach or spending time with my family. Every year I go to the beach for my summer vacation. Recetly I’ve been to "Mil Palmeras", a beach that is between Torrevieja and La Manga del Mar Menor. I also visit my family.

Best wishes. Good health and luck for everybody!


22 March 2009


Can men fly?
Before answering you should see this video. Isn’t this flying?
I’d say it is, we have already achieved it. The first time that I saw these flights I felt dizzy, very dizzy, but I also felt a lot of envy. I can’t imagine anything more exciting and fun than this and, of course, I'd love to do something like skydiving. I’m not sure I could give one step beyond when I got to the top and it's possible that, once in the air, I could only shout without opening my eyes, but I like to think that while I was flying I’d enjoy the sensation of feeling like the king of birds, a large condor, a hawk, an eagle, -each of you can choose your favourite one-, I’d love to feel like going through the air while I see the earth down there, so far away, so wonderful ....

18 March 2009

New points system for Formula One Championship

Yesterday afternoon, the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) changed the scoring system of FIA Formula One World Championship. Before the change, the champion was the driver with the most points at the end of the season. Now, the FIA has established a system where the driver who has won the most races at the end of the season gets the world title. Only if there is a tie between two or more drivers, the points will count.
Lots of Formula 1 teams, drivers and thousands of Formula 1 fans have already complained about the radical change which the Championship is going to suffer because of this new rule, but the change is fixed.
There have been some other minor changes, like a new budget for Formula 1 teams, more freedom for paddock's visitors, etc.
Click here to read the whole piece of news.

Edit: After some days of arguments and bad reactions about the new rules, the FIA has decided to return to the old punctuation system. So, you can forget all this piece of news and think about the next GP in Melbourne.
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