05 December 2017

A Tender Story

04 December 2017

PET 1.1 Listening Part 2 (B1)

PET 1.1 Listening Part 1 (B1)

B1 Level Practice Tests

I you click on the button below you will find a good number of listening and reading comprehension practice tests at B1 level you may find really useful.

03 December 2017

Learn the Alphabet with Ray Charles

Shall we learn the Alpabet in English?
Some of you have just started leaning English, others may need to revise what you already know and for the rest of us, it will always be a pleasure to enjoy this cute song performed by the one and only Ray Charles.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G
H, I, J, K
L, M, N, O, P
Q, R, S,T, U, V
W, X, Y and Z
Now I've said my ABC's
Won't you sing along with me?
Now I know my ABC's
Next time won't you sing with me?

if you are ready for some spelling practice...

Phonetic Symbols.

If you have always thought that understanding phonetic symbols is just too difficult for you, don't despair. It just takes some practice to get used to them but they can be very useful to help you improve your pronunciation.

Vowels :

Study the chart of .

Move the mouse over the symbols and examples to hear them.

Consonants :

If you want to do some activities to practise phonetic symbols
and sounds in English

Videos from ESL Tower.com

Phonemic chart

Exercises for 1st year basic level students

Do the following exercises and practise how to use :

To be
Exercises  12, 3, 4, 5

To have (Present Simple)

Prepositions of place

Exercises 1, 2

Wh questions

Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4

The Family

Click on the links below to practise your vocabulary:

Contries and Nationalities
Classroom Objects
My family 

Click on the following links to practise your grammar:

Pronouns and possessives
Saxon Genitive

Click on the following links to practise telling the time.

What's the time?
What time is it?

Countries and Nationalities

Click here and do the exercises

14 November 2017

What are you like?

Introduce yourself and tell us about your family, your personality and interests. Use some of the vocabulary you've learnt so far and don't read anything, you're supposed to look at the camera and speak spontaneously. Ready, steady, go!

You can do the activity on your computer, writing the password in the gap below , but you can also do the activity on your mobile after you download this app. It is called FLIPGRID.


05 November 2017


Click here to learn cardinal and ordinal numbers in English.

Now let's practise with numbers:
You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.

Where are these people from?

Where are they from?

Countries and Nationalities

25 October 2017

B1 Picture Description

20 October 2017

Beginners ; Starting out.

Hi! How're you doing?
My name is Mª Jesús and I’m you new English teacher.

What's your name?
Here you are, ready to start learning a new language and here I am , ready to do my best to help you reach your goal.
I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy, it will require patience and effort but , step by step, your English will improve and you will find out that you can have fun as well as you learn.
Come on! Let's start from scratch.
We are going to practise how to greet people and introduce ourselves with the following activities:
Now let's practise with numbers:

Number Train

You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.

Present Simple or Present Continuous

Find the mistakes

Viernes no lectivos curso 2017-18



13 y 27


10 y 24


1 y 22




2 y 16


2 y 16


13 y 27



02 May 2017

Past Simple

Use of English
Click on the Full Screen option below to see the chart properly.

English Irregular verbs

01 May 2017

Basic informal letters

How to Write Informal Letters

19 April 2017

Modals to express probability

In this exercise you will practise using modal verbs to express present probability: must, can’t, could, may, might.

18 April 2017

A1 Picture Description

20 February 2017

Talk for two minutes about what the wheel decides. Good luck!

Describing a picture

27 January 2017

Revision Exercises for Elementary Students

Click on the link below to do some listening, grammar and vocabulary activities realated to aspects we have learnt in our classes, such as the Present Simple, 3rd person singular, Saxon genitive, the familiy,the days of the week, etc..)

26 January 2017

Listening Activities for Basic Level Students

ELLLO Listening Level 3 exercises are designed for basic level students. Click on the picture below and start. Ready, steady... go!

At BBC Leaning English, you can find the following listening exercises which are extremely useful to get some practice for your Certification Test.

25 January 2017

British Council Listen & Watch

You can find a lot of interesting material to improve your listening comprehension skills at British Council learning site. It's great and you'll be able to learn a lot if you do the activities you can find there. You just have to click here to visit the site.
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