28 November 2014

Present Perfect Simple/Present Perfect continuous

Click here if you want to do some exercises with the Present Perfect Simple and the Present Perfect Progressive.

16 November 2014

Cute little girl singing the Alphabet song

How cute!

17 October 2014


This section is dedicated to all your beloved little devils : your children , your younger brothers and sisters, your nieces and nephews , etc.
I have two young children myself and I'd like them to improve their English having as much fun as possible while they learn. There are so many games and interactive activities on the Internet which can make this task much easier, and of course, fun !
Everybody knows how much kids love computers, so why don't you invite them to give the following activities a try?

Activities for children:
The Alphabet
The body
The Numbers
  • Count with Number train.

Let's learn how to tell the time!

What's the time, please?
8.00 _______It's eight o'clock _________________________________________It's eight
7.45 _______It's a quarter to eight ___________________________It's seven forty-five
6.05 _______It's five past six _____________________________________
It's six oh five
3.25 _______It's twenty-five past three _____________________It's three twenty-five
4.30 _______It's half past four ____________________________________It's four thirty
5.55 _______It's five to six. ___________________________________ It's five fifty-five

4.40 _______It's twenty to five ____________________________________
It's four forty

Days of the week



14 June 2014

Listening Comprehension

Click on the following links to find different types of activities to practise your listening skills, such as answering questions and doing multiple choice and gap-filling exercises.

Randall's ESL Cyber listening Lab

La Mansión del Inglés

06 June 2014

How to Describe Pictures

28 May 2014

Email Writing

Exercises on how to write semi formal emails.

06 March 2014

Present continuous used for describing pictures

Click here to practise your present progressive and picture description skills.

20 February 2014

Describing Pictures

04 February 2014


Desde aquí puede acceder a muestras de ejercicios de los exámenes de certificación de las convocatorias de 2011 y 2012. Recuerde que estos ejercicios son sólo un ejemplo del tipo de tareas de las que constan los exámenes de certificación. Para saber con más detalle qué tipo de ejercicios puede encontrar, consulte la Guía del Candidato 2013. Esta guía estará disponible en esta web al menos un mes antes del comienzo de las pruebas.
Puede descargar los archivos y guardarlos en su equipo.
Los ejemplos de Comprensión Oral y de Comprensión de Lectura incluyen las correspondientes respuestas.
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