18 October 2014

English Numbers


Click here and practise with numbers in English.

Click here to do some activities with big numbers, fractions, dates, phone numbers, etc.

Listening exercises

Basic Listening Exercise 1

Basic Listening Exercise 2

Basic Listening Exercise 3

Basic Listening Exercise 4

Basic Listening Exercise 5

Basic Listening Exercise 6

12 October 2014

Activities for 1st Year Basic Level students

Use of English
Click on the Full Screen option below to see the chart properly.
English Irregular Verbs

  • Present Continuous (1,2)

Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension

10 October 2014


Click here to learn cardinal and ordinal numbers in English.

Now let's practise with numbers:
You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.

Past Simple

Use of English
Click on the Full Screen option below to see the chart properly.

English Irregular verbs

14 June 2014

Listening Comprehension

Click on the following links to find different types of activities to practise your listening skills, such as answering questions and doing multiple choice and gap-filling exercises.

Randall's ESL Cyber listening Lab

La Mansión del Inglés

06 June 2014

How to Describe Pictures

28 May 2014


I have found several interesting activities at Joan Serra's web page, where you can practise both physical and psychological description. There are also listenig comprehension exercises.

Email Writing

Exercises on how to write semi formal emails.

06 May 2014

Basic formal letters

Click on the link below to learn how to write formal letters in English

Click here to see an example of different types of letters with useful expressions (Hacer clic en los enlaces abajo para ver ejemplos de distintas cartas formales con vocubulario y frases útiles)

Basic informal letters

How to Write Informal Letters

Letter Writing Exercises

Letter writing is one of the tasks you may be asked to do for your Certification Terminal Test in June. So, the more you practise, the better.
To start with,you can have a look at several model letters and then do these exercises.
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