11 November 2016

Physical Appearance

Human Body Parts 1 : English Language

Human Body Parts 2 - English Language

Describing People

Narrative Tenses

Practise the use of narrative tenses with the exercises below:

Past simple/Past continuous 1,2,3,4,
Past Perfect Simple 1,2,3,4

Tenses Revision exercises

10 November 2016


I have found several interesting activities at Joan Serra's web page, where you can practise both physical and psychological description. There are also listenig comprehension exercises.

02 November 2016

Activities for 1st Year Basic Level students

Use of English
Click on the Full Screen option below to see the chart properly.
English Irregular Verbs

  • Present Continuous (1,2)

Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension

Verb Tenses

01 November 2016


Click here to learn cardinal and ordinal numbers in English.

Now let's practise with numbers:
You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.

31 October 2016

English Numbers


Click here and practise with numbers in English.

Click here to do some activities with big numbers, fractions, dates, phone numbers, etc.

Listening exercises

Basic Listening Exercise 1

Basic Listening Exercise 2

Basic Listening Exercise 3

Basic Listening Exercise 4

Basic Listening Exercise 5

Basic Listening Exercise 6

Phonetic Symbols.

If you have always thought that understanding phonetic symbols is just too difficult for you, don't despair. It just takes some practice to get used to them but they can be very useful to help you improve your pronunciation.

Vowels :


Study the chart of .

Move the mouse over the symbols and examples to hear them.

Consonants :



If you want to do some activities to practise phonetic symbols
and sounds in English

Videos from ESL Tower.com

Phonemic chart

Scaring away.

This video has nothing to do with learning English but it's so funny I just couldn't resist showing it to you.
Have a good laugh!
It can give you some ideas for Halloween.

Do you feel like playing some Halloween games? Click on the words and pumpkins below if you aren't too scared.

26 November 2015

Listening Comprehesion for 2nd Year Basic Level Students

missing baby
nuevo morning routine
nuevo my life in the UK
nuevo Radiohead
nuevo missing child
nuevo party time!
nuevo snack time
nuevoclothing and fashion
morning routine
a shopping trip
TV guide
college roommates

All the activities above belong to Escuela Oficial de Pinto website.

Listening Exercises For 1st Year Intermediate Level

nuevomy son
nuevobeating stress
nuevoliving on your own
nuevovynil records
nuevopocket bikes
nuevomulti-cultural adverts
nuevogood or bad?
nuevohelping your memory
nuevobooks for dummies
nuevoTV culture
nuevobigger and better
World cup soccer fiasco
weekly exercise
going to the cinema
planning to play golf

All the activities above belong to Escuela Oficial de Pinto website.

16 November 2015

How to Pronounce -ed in English

There are three ways to pronounce the final -ed of regular verbs in the simple past tense. This pronunciation is determined by the final sound* of the verb in the infinitive: Is it a voiced consonant, an unvoiced consonant, or a vowel sound?

  1. For verbs ending in d and t the final -ed is pronounced /Id/ as in the final two letters of the word did. Note that here the -e is not silent and this final -ed sound adds another syllable to the end of the verb.

  2. After unvoiced sounds such as/ p, k, f, sʃ  ,θ/ the final -ed is pronounced like /t/ as in the word cat. Note that the -e remains silent.

  3. After voiced consonants such as /bð , g, v, zʒ, dʒ , m, n, ŋ, l, r/ the final -ed sound is pronounced like /d/ as in good. Note that the -e remains silent. The final -ed is also pronounced like the d in good after all vowel sounds (the -e remains silent too).
This chart may help you remember the rules above.

Click here to see some examples and listen to the past tense verbs.
Now you are ready to do these listening activities (1, 2, 3).

*If you need to revise the phonemic symbols in English, click here.

You can do some more practice with this game. Have a go! It's fun!
If you like this game, you can find more at Chiew's site. You just have to click on the logo below.
Thanks, Chiew for your nice games!

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