27 January 2020

Clases de A1A de Inglés

El miércoles 29 de enero los alumnos de A1A de inglés (EOI Avilés) tendrán clase con normalidad a la hora acostumbrada (de 9 a 11 horas).

20 January 2020

What do you have for breakfast? Where do you have it?

Marco, Rio, Brazil

For breakfast I have fruit, usually papaya or mango.

Then I have bread with butter and jam, and a cup of coffee.

I usually have breakfast at home, but at the weekend I have it in a bar near my house. I think my breakfast is very healthy.

25 November 2019

Exercises for A1/2 students

Do the following exercises and practise how to use :

To be
Exercises  12, 3, 4, 5

To have (Present Simple)

Prepositions of place

Exercises 1, 2

Wh questions

Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4

24 November 2019

Asking Questions

Click on the title below to study the charts and revise questions in English. Then do the exercises that follow the lesson.

Verb Tenses

You can find grammar and exercises to practise with the Present Simple on OM Multimedia. Click here.

22 November 2019

Past Simple

Use of English
Click on the Full Screen option below to see the chart properly.

English Irregular verbs

20 November 2019

Where are these people from?

Where are they from?

Countries and Nationalities

19 November 2019


Click here to learn cardinal and ordinal numbers in English.

You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.

Beginners ; Starting out.

Hi! How're you doing?
My name is Mª Jesús and I’m you new English teacher.

What's your name?
Here you are, ready to start learning a new language and here I am , ready to do my best to help you reach your goal.
I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy, it will require patience and effort but , step by step, your English will improve and you will find out that you can have fun as well as you learn.
Come on! Let's start from scratch.
We are going to practise how to greet people and introduce ourselves with the following activities:
Now let's practise with numbers:

Number Train

You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.

Sean Conery is Bond, James Bond.

I can't think of anyone better than James Bond to teach you how to introduce yourselves. He's the best, so ... pay attention, specially you, guys. You could lean one or two things from him. He can show you how to be classy, attractive and cool, real cool.
And you shouldn't miss that nice British accent of his. I love it!

Watch this video and see how James Bond introduces himself.

'What's his name? Who is he?'
'His name's Bond, James Bond.'
( Who else could he be? )

By the way ... do you like James Bond films? Who's the best James Bond ever? Do you prefer Sean Conery or Pierce Brosnan , or any of the others?
Why don't you send me a comment with your answers to these questions? I'd like to know your opinions.

Countries and Nationalities

Click here and do the exercises
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