28 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Yorleida ( 2ºB-NB )

I am a student at Carreño Miranda high school and I study English in my free time.
I speak Spanish and a little English. I want to learn English for my future job.

I have long red hair and very brown eyes. I am tall. I am intelligent and funny, but sometimes I am impatient.

I live in a flat with my mother and my younger brother. My mother works with old people and my brother is at school. He is 14 years old.

I like music, cinema and sport. I go to dance with my best friend Katy at the weekends.

I dislike watching football on TV and playing with my brother
My name is Yorleida. I was born in 1991, in Cali – Colombia but I've lived in Avilés for 2 years .

27 December 2008

Blog Biblioteca EOI Avilés

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About Reading

Don´t forget to read the most famous editorial in the history of US Press and send a comment which could be a letter to Virginia or a Christmas message.
Click on the card below and read this cute piece of writing in English. You can also read it in Spanish if you find it too difficult ( Only for 1st year students!),

If you have read K's First Case or you are thinking of reading it , click on the image below to do some activities after you finish the book:

And don´t forget to have a nice holiday!

15 December 2008

Compulsory Reading for 2nd Year BL

Compulsory Reading for 2nd Year students:

Two Lives

Level 3

( Cambridge English Readers )

By Helen Naylor

Compulsory Reading for 1st Year BL

Compulsory Reading for 1st Year Basic Level students:

Blood Diamonds

Level 1

(Cambridge English Readers)

by Richard MacAndrew

Personal Profile, by Bego ( 2ºA-NB )

Hi! I’m Bego. My mother is from Burgos and my father is from Cantabria. I also have a sister who is older than me. I’m from Avilés but now I’m living in Las Vegas. Corvera.

I’ve been married for 25 years and we have a son, Nacho, who is 21 years old.

I don’t work now, but I’m studying English in the Official Languages School in Avilés. I’m in the second year of Basic Level and I have a lot of friends in the classroom.

I have medium-length curly dark hair and my eyes are brown and big.

I’m quite extrovert, I like people, I think I’m a positive person.

My hobbies are watching TV, playing with my computer, going out with my friends and gardening.

In my last holidays we went to Galicia and we ate a lot of octopus, we walked along the beach and we saw dolphins. We visited the High Estuary and the Low Estuary and we ended up at the grape harvest in Orense. In the end we visited all Galicia, whose villages are very beautiful.



Personal Profile, by Selma ( 2ºA-NB )

Selma Fernandez 2A N12

14 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Iván ( 2ºD NB )

Hi, everyone.
My name’s Iván, this is my first year in the Official School of Languages.
I work in Avilés, but I live in Candás and I’m going to tell about it.
Candás is a small village in the north of Asturias, Spain, which has a fishing port, several small and very calm seaside corners and fantastic scenic viewpoints.
The fishing port dates from the 17th Century but it was rebuilt several times. You can eat seafood at the fishing port’s restaurants and also walk alog a new seafront along the coast.
The most important monument is San Felix’ Church, which in spite of being destroyed during the civil war still keeps remains from the 10th Century.
In the summer, it is very lively and you can enjoy the Sardina’s fiesta on the first of august. People eat sardines at the fishing port and drink cider. They wear the traditional clothes, which are blue trousers, a white t-shirt, blue espadrilles, a beret and a neckerchief.
In the middle of september we have the last fiesta of the summer, Sto. Cristo’s fiesta ( in the honor of Jesus Christ) , which is very popular too.
We are looking forward to your visit,


13 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Angel ( 1ºA-NB )

Hello everybody ! I'm new here!
My name's Angel. I'm originally from Aviles , but now I live in Las Vegas , Corvera, with my wife and my son. Their names are Agueda and Ruben. Agueda works in a dry cleaner's for Pressto. Rubén is 12 years old. He plays handball at Corvera Balonmano. He plays the Drums too, because he likes music. I work for El Corte Inglés. I've been happily married for 15 years.
I'm in my first year at the Official School of Languages in Avilés. I study English in the morning on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and my teacher is Maria Jesús Balán. In the evening my English classes are on Tuesdays, Wednedsdays and Thursdays and my teacher is Alison. She is British.
I love traveling.I like reading books in Spanish or French. I like football and my favourite team is Sporting. I love music too, specially Blues. My favourite singer is B.B. King, but I like Eric Clapton very much too. My favourites bands are Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Red Hot......., but I love playing the guitar with my friends every Weekend.

12 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Paula ( 2ºB-NB )

My name is Paula. I’m sixteen years old but my birthday is on the 23 of December. I’m Spanish and I live in Avilés. Avilés is a very old city in the north of Spain.
I live with my parents, Constantino and Ana Rosa, and with my brother, Amaro. I’m in my second year of Bachiller and I think it’s very difficult. I go to the School of Music, I play the violin and I’m in my eleventh year. My teacher is Polish and his name is Jacek. I really like playing the violin and I want to be a violinist in the future. I go to English classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
Now, I’m going to tell you something else about myself. I’ve got longish brown hair and brown eyes. I have dark skin and I don’t wear glasses. I’m shortish and average build.
I think I’m a generous person. I’m extrovert, sincere and friendly. I get on well with all the people. I’m very talkative and very very stubborn. I don’t like people who aren’t punctual.
I have a pet, it’s a cat and her name is Nika. She is very intelligent and funny. My cat is six months old and she use to live in the street.
I like languages but I’m not good at them, although I also study French.
In my free time I love listening to music. Actually, I like all kinds of music. I like going out to shopping with my mother.
I belong to an orchestra in Soria and I often go there and meet a lot of people from different places in Spain. It’s great fun and I learn very much.
In the photo, you can see a cat and a rabbit. The cat, Nika is my pet and the rabbit, Toby is her best friend. They play all the time.

05 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Rocío ( 2ºD-NB )

My name's Rocio, I'm 24 years old, I'm Spanish and last Summer I finished my studies at University, I'm a lawyer.
This year I have begun to study English at the Oficial School of Languages, because I think this is very important for my work, as well as for travelling to another country.
I was born and I have lived all my life in Avilés, but during my holidays, I go to a small village in Segovia, its name is Carbonero el Mayor.
Segovia is a beautiful land, where it is possible to admire the Aqueduct, monument of the 1st century and with more than 15 meters of length and the Fortress (el Alcázar), of the 12th. Also, it is possible to visit the Farm, a palace of the 18th century, which is famous for its paintings and gardens that have a great number of fountains; which work three times a year and that are impressive. I was there last summer and it was spectacular!, every year it receives nearly 15.000 visitors from all parts of Spain and from abroad.

The photo shows one of the fountains in the Farm, which is called The Frogs (Las Ranas), and its jet can come to 30 meters of height ; people like to stand below and take a shower in warm days.

With this, I’ll say goodbye and recommend everybody to visit Segovia, since you wont’ be disappointed !

04 December 2008

Personal Profile , by Loli ( 2ºA-NB )

Hi Everybody My name's Loli , I was born in Aviles and I live in Las Vegas, I married 15 years ago , I have a son whose name is Ruben , he's 14 years old . My mother was born in Galicia and her name’s Maria. My father was born in Burgos and his name’s Nicolas.
I’m a housewife and a student of English. My hobbies are listening to music , going to the cinema , and reading in Spanish and in English.

We are in December now and I like Christmas, I like to put the Christmas tree, listening to music put the Christmas lights ...

Let me tell you about a trip to London I made in 2006

I went to London in 2006 with some friends , we stayed for four days in a big hotel. It had 140 rooms and was situated in Kensington. The hotel was very good but not aluxury hotel .
We walked every day from 10 to 12 hours and we saw Hide Park, Buckingham Palace, Soho, Picadilly.
We went to Soho two evenings , we ate and drank in a good restaurant and I met different people.
In Harrods I bought a bag with a picture of a dog and I also bought magazines, t-shirts, mugs…
We had a good time with sunny but very cold weather beacause we went there in March, London is fantastic, it is a big city with nice people but I had problems because I didn’t understand English and felt stupid. London is a beautiful city but very expensive.

02 December 2008

Personal Profile, by María ( 2ºD-NB )

Hi Everybody!
My name is María. I was born in Lugo, a small city in the north - west of Spain.
When I was younger I studied there and after that I worked at Cangas del Narcea ' s hospital for fifteen years. In Cangas I met my husband and I made a lot of friends.

Nowadays I work in Avilés and I ' m happy here because I have friends, the beach is near...
I'm going to tell you about myself. I am average height and average build. I have medium length wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I wear contact lenses but when I am at home I usually wear glasses.
I think I'm a friendly and extrovert person, but I ' m not very organised, my husband says: "You are very forgetful".
In my free time I like going out to dinner with my friends, but the thing that I like most is travelling and discovering news places. The best way to explore news places is on foot. I like going abroad in Summer because I can have a good time.

Bye. María.

01 December 2008

Tests for 2nd Year Students

  • Listening Comprehension on Wednesday, 3rd of December.
  • Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary Test on Wednesday, 10th of December.

Tests for 1st Year Students

  • Listening Comprehension on Wednesday, 3rd of December.
  • Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary Test on Wednesday , 10th of December.
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