02 December 2008

Personal Profile, by María ( 2ºD-NB )

Hi Everybody!
My name is María. I was born in Lugo, a small city in the north - west of Spain.
When I was younger I studied there and after that I worked at Cangas del Narcea ' s hospital for fifteen years. In Cangas I met my husband and I made a lot of friends.

Nowadays I work in Avilés and I ' m happy here because I have friends, the beach is near...
I'm going to tell you about myself. I am average height and average build. I have medium length wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I wear contact lenses but when I am at home I usually wear glasses.
I think I'm a friendly and extrovert person, but I ' m not very organised, my husband says: "You are very forgetful".
In my free time I like going out to dinner with my friends, but the thing that I like most is travelling and discovering news places. The best way to explore news places is on foot. I like going abroad in Summer because I can have a good time.

Bye. María.


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