14 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Iván ( 2ºD NB )

Hi, everyone.
My name’s Iván, this is my first year in the Official School of Languages.
I work in Avilés, but I live in Candás and I’m going to tell about it.
Candás is a small village in the north of Asturias, Spain, which has a fishing port, several small and very calm seaside corners and fantastic scenic viewpoints.
The fishing port dates from the 17th Century but it was rebuilt several times. You can eat seafood at the fishing port’s restaurants and also walk alog a new seafront along the coast.
The most important monument is San Felix’ Church, which in spite of being destroyed during the civil war still keeps remains from the 10th Century.
In the summer, it is very lively and you can enjoy the Sardina’s fiesta on the first of august. People eat sardines at the fishing port and drink cider. They wear the traditional clothes, which are blue trousers, a white t-shirt, blue espadrilles, a beret and a neckerchief.
In the middle of september we have the last fiesta of the summer, Sto. Cristo’s fiesta ( in the honor of Jesus Christ) , which is very popular too.
We are looking forward to your visit,



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