05 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Rocío ( 2ºD-NB )

My name's Rocio, I'm 24 years old, I'm Spanish and last Summer I finished my studies at University, I'm a lawyer.
This year I have begun to study English at the Oficial School of Languages, because I think this is very important for my work, as well as for travelling to another country.
I was born and I have lived all my life in Avilés, but during my holidays, I go to a small village in Segovia, its name is Carbonero el Mayor.
Segovia is a beautiful land, where it is possible to admire the Aqueduct, monument of the 1st century and with more than 15 meters of length and the Fortress (el Alcázar), of the 12th. Also, it is possible to visit the Farm, a palace of the 18th century, which is famous for its paintings and gardens that have a great number of fountains; which work three times a year and that are impressive. I was there last summer and it was spectacular!, every year it receives nearly 15.000 visitors from all parts of Spain and from abroad.

The photo shows one of the fountains in the Farm, which is called The Frogs (Las Ranas), and its jet can come to 30 meters of height ; people like to stand below and take a shower in warm days.

With this, I’ll say goodbye and recommend everybody to visit Segovia, since you wont’ be disappointed !


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