26 January 2009

"The Boys from Brazil" ; review by Paco González (2ºD-NB)

Title: The Boys from Brazil

Author: Ira Levin

Genre: Thriller

Level: Pre-Intermediate

It is 1974, a group of men meet in a restaurant in Brazil. One of them is Dr. Joseph Mengele. They have a terrible plan. In the next two and a half years 94 men about 65 years old must die in different countries.

That same day in Viena, Yakov Lieberman, a Jew whose mission is to capture Nazis, receives a phone call in which someone tells him about Mengele’s plan, but the conversation is suddenly interrupted and he can’t get more information.

Whithout knowing who these men are or what connection they have with the Nazis, Lieberman starts to look for information. That’s the beginning of this exciting fiction novel.

This book is quite easy to read. It’s a gripping thiller with no jumps in time until the mystery is revealed in the end. It doesn't take too long to read it and it will give you a good chance to think about ethics, science and the future. The story was made into a film in 1978. I think it’s well worth reading.

Recommended Links

Two of your classmates, Chema and Ángel would like to recommend you some links to web sites which you may find useful. They have already been added to our forum and I think they are really interesting and definitely worth visiting. You only have to click on the words below.

Becas,ayudas y subvenciones

Review of 'Two Lives' , by Adrián Rodríguez Ares - 2ºD-NB

Title: Two Lives

Author: Helen Naylor

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Level: Pre-Intermediate

50 years ago, Huw and Megan were a happy couple in a little Welsh town. But the power of destiny forced Huw to leave the town and go to Canada, so Megan stayed alone with her baby and parents. Huw didn't send any postcards telling Megan about him or about his new life in Canada.

50 years later, Megan discovered that his father, who was already dead, had been keeping a lot postcards from Huw. Now, Megan could contact her beloved again , but she was about to marry a friend she had met at work. Megan would have to choose her future without help, in a romantic story between past and present.

I give this book a 3/5. It was an easy book, with a very predictable plot, but it gets you from the start. I had to read and read, so that I could get to know the end of the story. I don't recommend it to people who don't like romantic stories, but if you don't mind reading a bit of romance, then Two Lives is your book.

25 January 2009

Tests for 1st Year Students

  • Listening comprehension and writing on Wednesday, 18th of Febuary.
  • Listening comprehension on Wednesday, 25th of February.
  • Reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary test on Monday, 2nd of March.

Tests for 2nd Year Students

  • Listening comprehension and writing on Wednesday, 18th of Febuary.
  • Listening comprehension on Wednesday, 25th of February.
  • Reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary test on Tuesday, 3rd of March.

24 January 2009

The best romantic song

What's your favourite romantic song?

To celebrate Saint Valentine's day we are going to choose the best romantic songs, you just have to click on the image below to take part in this activity our library on-line offers you.

All you have to do is write a comment in our library blog telling us about your favourite song. You have to add a link to it so that other people can hear it and that's all. Take part, it'll be fun, I have already added mine.
As I don't have only one favourite love song and several of the ones I like best are already in the list, I've suggested "Wherever You Will Go" , by The Calling , beacause I simply love it.
I find the video quite disappointing, the song deserves something much better but you can see the lyrics and sing along with Alex if you like. That's what I do whenever I hear this beautiful song.

In the end I added this beauty to the list, because I could't forgive myself to leave out such a jewel.
"I Can't Help Falling in Love", by Elvis Presley

22 January 2009

Personal Profile, by Ana Cristina (1ºA-NB)

Hi everybody Wink ...My name is Ana Cristina, but people call me Any. I'm 37 and I live in Piedras Blancas with my three daugthers.Their names are Ariana, Alba and Mara.They are 13, 9 and 6.
Now,I don't work, but I'm a hairdresser.
I study En
glish at the Official School of Languages and I'm in my first year. I want to learn English to work and to travel. I love travelling. Last summer I went to Mallorca with my daughters and after that I went to Jamaica with my friend Begoña. JAMAICA NO PROBLEM!!!! Very Happy I love you I loved Jamaica.
I want to go to Tunez in February with my partner and friend Mª Jose Smile .
I like listening to music and doing sport. My favourite sports are aerobics and football. I do aerobics in Piedras Blancas from Monday to Friday and my favourite teams are Sporting and Real
kisses for everyone !!!

Personal Profile, by Chema (1ºA-NB)

Hello everyone

My name is Jose Mª. I was born in Zamora,like Clarin, and I came to Gijón in 1956.
I live in Luanco. I am married and have two children,aged 28 and 26. I used to work in a primary school.
I've been retired since August,2008.
Now I do these activities: walking, reading, music, pottery and studying a little English to understand some songs , to communicate when I travel, etc..
I like going to the movies, listening to music, sharing opinions in the classroom,sharing culture with older people and keeping my mind busy with this language ( English ), which I´d never studied formally.

I wish you all the best.

If you want to visit my blog, where you can find activities to improve your English, such as subtitled songs to practise your listening skills , click on the link below:

17 January 2009


Your profile
Introduce yourself and then write about something that you find interesting or fun, such as hobbies, abilities, interests , likes and dislikes, where you live, study or work, your friends and family, etc.

When you have finished your writing send it to me and I´ll check it for you :


and read other students' profiles.

You can also do this listening activity that I found at Mª José's blog. It can give you some ideas for your writing.

16 January 2009

Hudson Plane Crash News , by Loli (2ºA-NB)

One of your 2nd year Basic Level classmates, Loli (2ºA-NB), has added this amazing piece of news to our forum. It's about the aeroplane that landed on the Hudson River. Click on the photo to read it.

10 January 2009

Write about "Two Lives"

"Two Lives".

Click on the book cover and visit our library blog.

Now write 80-100 words about the book. You have to choose a question from each group and your writing should be about 10 lines long.


  1. Describe Megan’s father. What was he like? What do you think he looked like? Why did he have so much influence on his daughter’s life?
  2. Describe Huw’s father. What was he like? What do you think he looked like? Why did he have so much influence on his son’s life?
  3. What kind of woman was Megan? Describe her physical appearance and her personality.
  4. What kind of man was Huw? Describe his physical appearance and his personality.


  1. Describe Huw’s family and his relationship with his father and brother, what they did for a living there in Wales in the 40s, etc. Explain why Huw decided to go to Canada and leave Megan in Britain.
  2. What was Huw’s life in Canada like? Did he do well there? Was he successful? Did he have a happy life without Megan?
  3. What was Megan’s life like all those years without Huw? Was it sad and empty or was it full and satisfying?
  4. Talk about Huw and Megan’s relationship. Their love lasted a lifetime, but do you think it could be the same after fifty years? Is love the same at fifty than at fifteen?


  1. Write a letter from Megan to Paul explaining why she has decided to marry Huw.
  2. Finish writing the letter from Huw which Megan begins reading on page 26 of “Two Lives”

    My lovely Megan
    I still haven’t received a letter from you. I can’t believe it takes four months for letters to cross the Atlantic. What’s happened? Is something wrong?…

Click here to go to our forum and write your composition there ( you just have to click on the Answer button to add your writing to the thread) or send it to me by email.

09 January 2009

Personal Profile, by Laura ( 2ºA-NB )


08 January 2009

Personal Profile, by Julián ( 2ºD-NB )

Hi, my name is Julian. I am 16 years old and I’m from Aviles, but I live in La Peral, a little village in Illas with my father and my sister. I’m studying a formative cycle, in Valliniello’s CIFP (Centro Integrado de Formacion professional de Valliniello).
I have been studying English since I was a child, and this year I started to do it in the Official Languages School of Aviles.
I’m tall and slim with short brown hair. I think I’m a friendly person. I like going out with my friends, listening to hip hop music, skateboarding with my friends, and all types of things that are fun.
Sometimes I go out in Aviles, but sometimes I stay in la Peral, and I go to Pico Gorfoli by bicycle with some friends, and we cycle in the mountains, it’s exhausting because we speend all day going from the bottom to the top of the mountains.
I recommended all of you to visit la Peral and Illas, because they are two beautiful villages with very friendly people and lots of natural things to do.

03 January 2009

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