08 January 2009

Personal Profile, by Julián ( 2ºD-NB )

Hi, my name is Julian. I am 16 years old and I’m from Aviles, but I live in La Peral, a little village in Illas with my father and my sister. I’m studying a formative cycle, in Valliniello’s CIFP (Centro Integrado de Formacion professional de Valliniello).
I have been studying English since I was a child, and this year I started to do it in the Official Languages School of Aviles.
I’m tall and slim with short brown hair. I think I’m a friendly person. I like going out with my friends, listening to hip hop music, skateboarding with my friends, and all types of things that are fun.
Sometimes I go out in Aviles, but sometimes I stay in la Peral, and I go to Pico Gorfoli by bicycle with some friends, and we cycle in the mountains, it’s exhausting because we speend all day going from the bottom to the top of the mountains.
I recommended all of you to visit la Peral and Illas, because they are two beautiful villages with very friendly people and lots of natural things to do.


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