26 January 2009

Review of 'Two Lives' , by Adrián Rodríguez Ares - 2ºD-NB

Title: Two Lives

Author: Helen Naylor

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Level: Pre-Intermediate

50 years ago, Huw and Megan were a happy couple in a little Welsh town. But the power of destiny forced Huw to leave the town and go to Canada, so Megan stayed alone with her baby and parents. Huw didn't send any postcards telling Megan about him or about his new life in Canada.

50 years later, Megan discovered that his father, who was already dead, had been keeping a lot postcards from Huw. Now, Megan could contact her beloved again , but she was about to marry a friend she had met at work. Megan would have to choose her future without help, in a romantic story between past and present.

I give this book a 3/5. It was an easy book, with a very predictable plot, but it gets you from the start. I had to read and read, so that I could get to know the end of the story. I don't recommend it to people who don't like romantic stories, but if you don't mind reading a bit of romance, then Two Lives is your book.


LF said...

As I am a romantic person this book have enjoyed me very much.Nowadays, I think this world could be better if people were more romantic,it will make people feelins more sensitive.I liked this book so much that, at the end, I cried.

Margot Rodríguez said...

Although I´d hardly ever read romantic novels because I think it´s always the same end. Two lives mades me read more and more until I´d known the end. The two lovers of this story are similar to other people that we may know in our families because some of our elderst grandparents couldn´t be married to who they wanted.Their parents sometimes decided it,however this can be usual today in arabic countries and other ones.
On the other hand I think It´s better than other similar books I´d read because it has a beautiful and happy end so I don´t need change it in my mind like a positive person. That is all.
Read more because your´ll be more happy and clever.

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