28 April 2009

Holidays in the South (1ºA-NB)

I went to "Costa del Sol" last May with my husband and my son. We went by car and we slept in a hotel in Madrid.

We stayed for two weeks in an apartment near the beach, in a housing estate called “Alhambra del Golf”.

We visited some places in "Costa del Sol": Marbella, Puerto Banús, Nerja, Málaga and Ronda. We ate the typical food from Andalucía: fried fish, “gazpacho” and “salmorejo”. We took a lot of photos. We went to the beach and the swimming-pool. We took a tourist train and a horse-drawn carriage. We bought famous pottery from Andalucía.

We had a great time. "Costa del Sol" is very beautiful and the beaches are fantastic. The white villages in Málaga are lovely. Our apartment was cheap and the food was great. We only had two problems: it was too windy and some restaurants were very expensive.

27 April 2009

A Holiday Report (1ºA-NB)

My wife and I went to Syria and Jordan last July .
We flew from Asturias to Madrid whith Easy Jet, and from Madrid to Amman whith Jordan Airways.
We spent twelve days in comfortable hotels.
The tour guide, Mr. Bassam, spoke Spanish very well.
The group and their guide, Bassam, went by bus. We usually ate together.
We saw mosques, the souk of Damascus, the bedouins in the desert ...
We got to know customs, ceremonies, typical food, museums, ruins of civilizations,we swam in the Dead Sea ... and hiked in the legendary Petra.
Bassam was nice, he told us about places and coustoms. He said that "there were many things buried".
In the Zoco of Damascus we found a bit of everything. I missed speaking English.
Things weren't expansive, but they - the shop assistants- bargained a lot.
We bought presents for our family.
I also bought Bedoin´s wife a handmade box, and in gift shop, I bought a book and CDs about the History of Syria and Jordan (Amman,Wadi Rum, Jerash, Palmira, Petra, Dead Sea, Aqaba, Madaba, etc...).
I took a lot of photos and video.
We walked a lot.We had a great time, but it was quite hot. We drank a lot of water and tea because we were thirsty.
After dinner we always were very tired, so we went to bed early and turned on the TV or read, we commented, ... In the morning we got up early too.
We liked it very much. Time passed by very quickly.
If you like history, you must go there.

22 April 2009

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous American landmarks. It was a present France gave to the US to commemorate the centennial of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. It represents political liberty and friendship between countries.
Click on the picture below to get to know more about this historic landmark and then do the reading activity that follows.

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