24 February 2009

"Blindness" ; review by Adrián Rodríguez Ares (2ºD-NB)

Title:Blindness (Ensayo sobre la ceguera)

Author: José Saramago

Genre: Drama

Publisher: Alfaguara

People live their lives as usual. Nothing escapes from common reality, and blind people are a very few. Suddenly, a strange blindness starts affecting all the country. Lots of people die in accidents, caused by this new disease. After thousands of people are affected, the government decides to act. They keep infected people in some quarantine areas like hospitals, old prisons or shopping centres. However, this does not work. After all, everybody is blind.

Well, not everybody. A woman remains in normal state, as the disease does not affect her, and she becomes the new hope for humanity to get back to normal. However, she is locked with a lot of blind people in a local prison. Will she be able to escape from it? Will people become normal again? All the answers to these questions are in Blindness.

I give this book a 4/5. It has a very attractive and genuine plot, and it gets you from start to finish. I think that the beginning and the ending are the best parts of the story, because they are very special, and they make this novel very compelling. However, I think that there are some parts in the book where you could get bored, so I think that it is a bit boring sometimes. But, anyway, it's a book you must read.

Next March, a film called "Blindness", based on this novel, will be released in Spain. I have seen a few trailers, and it seems that the movie is very similar to the book. If you do not like reading, I recommend you to see the film, which has already been released in USA.

And the Oscar goes to ... Penélope Cruz!

Yes, the Oscar went to Pe!
She got it. The 2009 Oscar award for best supporting actress belongs to our Pe.
Although I haven´t seen Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona yet, I'm sure she deserves the award because she is a very good actress and she has offered us memorable performances like her unforgettable Raimunda in Almodovar's Volver.
In the ceremony, she looked classy, gorgeous, extremely elegant and ... so nervous that her voice quivered as she delivered her heartfelt beautiful speech. Don't miss her speech, watch the video and listen to it ; it's moving, intelligent and really good.

09 February 2009

Personal Profile, by Victor (1ºA-NB)

Hello ,everybody!
My name is Víctor. I was born in Avilés and I live in Los Campos, Corvera . I´m single. I´m an environmental technician . I used to deal with analyzers, atmosphere, clean water and wastewater, meteorology equipment, etc. I've worked in this field for ten years.
In 2001, I went to live in Barcelona. I worked there for six years as a technician in industrial instrumentation; measuring equipment and industrial control, treatment and data transmission, industrial computers (Plc´s), electrical and electronic signals, measurement and control of temperature, flow, pressure, weight…
In November 2007, I retired from work due to illness and returned to Asturias, where I currently live.
Now I dedicate my free time to study English and German, in the Official School of Languages in Avilés. My hobbies are reading, walking, writing, going out with my friends, going to the cinema or the theater, travelling, swimming, and especially taking pictures. In my car, I always have my photo equipment: a Canon 400D with two lenses, a Canon 18-55 mm and a Tamron 70-300 mm.

Here I leave you a sample of my photographs, I hope you like them.
Greetings to all of you.


Avilés Port, 05/07/2009 (photo on the left) and Olimpic Port, Barcelona, 23/02/2008 (photo on the right)

Olimpic Port Barcelona, 23/02/2008 (photo on the left) and Ferrera’s Park, Avilés, Summer 2008 (photo on the right)

Dalí Museum, Figueres, December 2007 ( photo on the left) and Ferrera’s Park, Avilés, Summer 2008 (photo on the right)

"Comediantes" (actors) performing in the street ( photo on the left), smith (photo in the middle) and owl (photo on the right).

Click on the link below if you want to download Victor's profile or see the pictures in a bigger size.

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