24 February 2009

And the Oscar goes to ... Penélope Cruz!

Yes, the Oscar went to Pe!
She got it. The 2009 Oscar award for best supporting actress belongs to our Pe.
Although I haven´t seen Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona yet, I'm sure she deserves the award because she is a very good actress and she has offered us memorable performances like her unforgettable Raimunda in Almodovar's Volver.
In the ceremony, she looked classy, gorgeous, extremely elegant and ... so nervous that her voice quivered as she delivered her heartfelt beautiful speech. Don't miss her speech, watch the video and listen to it ; it's moving, intelligent and really good.


emi said...

Congratulations Penelope. I'm very happy that you won the Oscar. First because you're a woman, second because you're very hardworking and third because you're Spanich.

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