27 November 2008

Personal Profile, by Clara ( 2ºD-NB )


My name is Clara. I am sixteen years old , I am Spanish and I live in Pillarno, a little village next to Avilés. I live in a house with my parents . My mother's name is Mª Fe and my father's name is Juan Manuel. I live with my two brothers too : my elder brother, whose name is Juan Manuel, and my little brother, whose name is Pedro. I have a dog , whose name is Luna.
I am a student in my fourth year at the high school and and I like it there.
I have long brown hair and pale green eyes. I wear glasses, but I want to get contact lenses soon. I am of medium height and rather brown skin.
I think, I am a very happy person with a lot of energy and lively. I am friendly, extrovert and very sportive. I am also a bit shy and a little talkative.
In my free time, I love dancing and I like going out with my friends. We go to the cinema, to the disco, etc. I love dancing because it helps me relax and forget everything. I go dancing to a private academy in Avilés. I also go to English classes on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Thursday, because I don't study English at the high school, I study French.
I decided to study French because I like it a bit more than English.


26 November 2008

Personal Profile, by Emilia ( 2ºA-NB )

My name is Emilia. I 've been married for 23 years and I’ve got a daughter, her name is Marina and she is 13 years old.
I live in Avilés , a small city in the north of Spain.
I’ve got a pet whose name is Lucas. He is 8 years old and he is a Yorkshire Terrier that barks a lot.
I am a secretary but I haven’t got a job, so I'm learning English at the Official School of Languages. I have got wavy black hair and my eyes are brown. I am very friendly and sociable. I don’t like staying at home and I prefer going out with my friends.
I like swimming with dolphins as you can see in these photos. When the picture was taken we were in the Caribbean sea.

25 November 2008

Personal Profile, by Paco ( 2º D-NB )

Hi, everyone!

My name is Francisco González, but my family and friends call me Paco. I work for a telephone company in Avilés. I have been living in Avilés for 25 years. Before that, I used to live in Madrid. I like living in Avilés, which is a small town, because here I have all that I need without the inconvenients of a big city.

This year I have begun to study English at the Official School of Languages in Aviles, I'm a second year basic level student.

I’m married and I have one son. He is 12 years old.
We like trekking and last summer we began to walk along Camino de Santiago ( Saint James' way ) . It’s a long way that goes from the Pyrenees to the city of Santiago de Compostela in the northwest of Spain. We walked for six days and next year we’ll continue from the place where we have finished this year. We hope to have gone along the whole way in five or six years.

I also like ski and every winter I go skiing with my son, who loves this sport. My wife prefers walking with her snow racquets. This is one of our favourite hobbies because we like a lot the places where it’s practised. The scenary in those places is always spectacular and that makes me feel very, very good.

In the photo you can see me and my son Javier last winter in Candanchú.

23 November 2008

Travel to Poland !

Have a look at these two interesting ppt and get to know something more about Poland :


La Polonia por descubrir, de Belén Álvarez Galán

21 November 2008

Personal Profile, by Adrián ( 2º D-NB )

Hi everyone!

My name's Adrián, I'm Spanish, and I'm in my fourth year at the high school. I'm studying English in Avilés' Official Languages School too, so I'm glad to write about myself on this blog.

I'm sixteen years old, I'm quite tall and dark (so I have brown eyes and brown hair). I wear glasses and I usually wear sweaters, jeans and trainers.

I think that I'm a smart, responsible person. I think I'm friendly, but a bit shy too. I'm a very hard-working person, who doesn't like leaving things without doing them.
I live in a flat in a small town near Avilés called Las Vegas, with my parents and Samuel, my little 8-year-old brother. My brother and I share a lot of hobbies: we both like video games and building games, like LEGOs. When I was a child, I didn't want to have a brother, but now I wouldn't know how to live without him.

I have a lot of hobbies but my favourite one is Manga and Japanese animation (anime). I started a fansub (a project to subtitle anime or manga done by fans) last summer, and I used to translate a lot of anime chapters, but now I don't have enough time to translate. Fansubs take a lot of free time, and I spend a lot of time studying and doing my homework. Next holidays I'm going to subtitle more!

Well, I 'd like to add just one thing: welcome to Twinblog, everyone! I've never entered a project like this, and I think this is going to be great fun.


Adrián Rodríguez Ares (EOI Avilés)

17 November 2008


19th November, 2008
Writing Test for 2nd year Basic Level students

05 November 2008

When you say nothing at all.

'When You Say Nothing at All' is a country song written by Paul Overstreett and Don Schlitz. It is among the best-known hit songs for three different performers: Keith Whitley, Alison Krauss , and Irish pop singer Ronan Keating, whose version was his first solo single and a chart-topper in the UK in 1999.
'When You Say Nothing at All' was Keating's first solo single apart from popular Irish group Boyzone. He recorded it in 1999 for the soundtrack of the film Notting Hill. The song would also appear on Keating's solo debut album Ronan the following year.
In 2003, Keating re-recorded the single as a duet with Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, which was released in Mexico and Latin America to promote a hits compilation.

If you want to practice your English with this song, click here.

04 November 2008

Murphy ' s Law

Murphy's Law
("If anything can go wrong, it will") was born at Edwards Air Force Base in 1949.
It was named after Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981, (a project) designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash.

Click on the title below and do some exercises taken from Groove to English.

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