27 November 2008

Personal Profile, by Clara ( 2ºD-NB )


My name is Clara. I am sixteen years old , I am Spanish and I live in Pillarno, a little village next to Avilés. I live in a house with my parents . My mother's name is Mª Fe and my father's name is Juan Manuel. I live with my two brothers too : my elder brother, whose name is Juan Manuel, and my little brother, whose name is Pedro. I have a dog , whose name is Luna.
I am a student in my fourth year at the high school and and I like it there.
I have long brown hair and pale green eyes. I wear glasses, but I want to get contact lenses soon. I am of medium height and rather brown skin.
I think, I am a very happy person with a lot of energy and lively. I am friendly, extrovert and very sportive. I am also a bit shy and a little talkative.
In my free time, I love dancing and I like going out with my friends. We go to the cinema, to the disco, etc. I love dancing because it helps me relax and forget everything. I go dancing to a private academy in Avilés. I also go to English classes on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Thursday, because I don't study English at the high school, I study French.
I decided to study French because I like it a bit more than English.



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