21 November 2008

Personal Profile, by Adrián ( 2º D-NB )

Hi everyone!

My name's Adrián, I'm Spanish, and I'm in my fourth year at the high school. I'm studying English in Avilés' Official Languages School too, so I'm glad to write about myself on this blog.

I'm sixteen years old, I'm quite tall and dark (so I have brown eyes and brown hair). I wear glasses and I usually wear sweaters, jeans and trainers.

I think that I'm a smart, responsible person. I think I'm friendly, but a bit shy too. I'm a very hard-working person, who doesn't like leaving things without doing them.
I live in a flat in a small town near Avilés called Las Vegas, with my parents and Samuel, my little 8-year-old brother. My brother and I share a lot of hobbies: we both like video games and building games, like LEGOs. When I was a child, I didn't want to have a brother, but now I wouldn't know how to live without him.

I have a lot of hobbies but my favourite one is Manga and Japanese animation (anime). I started a fansub (a project to subtitle anime or manga done by fans) last summer, and I used to translate a lot of anime chapters, but now I don't have enough time to translate. Fansubs take a lot of free time, and I spend a lot of time studying and doing my homework. Next holidays I'm going to subtitle more!

Well, I 'd like to add just one thing: welcome to Twinblog, everyone! I've never entered a project like this, and I think this is going to be great fun.


Adrián Rodríguez Ares (EOI Avilés)


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