24 February 2010

2nd Term Tests

1st Year Basic Level:

17th February : Listening Comprehension
23rd February: Reading Comprehension + Writing

2nd Year Intermediate Level:

17th February : Reading Comprehension + Writing
23rd February: Listening Comprehension

09 February 2010

Passive Voice

Study the following presentation and then do some exercises to practise the passive voice in English.
Passive Voice

Now click here and do the exercises.

07 February 2010

Pep Guardiola's song

Pep Guardiola is F.C. Barcelona's coach.
Pep Guardiola's favourite song is: "Viva la vida" by Coldplay. He loves it because he likes Coldplay, he always listens to it before leaving the bus for before each match and he lets his players listen to this song to motivate them.
That's the reason why they got the triple!

04 February 2010

Written communication in a foreign language is no simple task and it requires a lot of practise. However, there is nothing we cannot achieve if we try real hard.
Good news! You can even enjoy yourself while you learn, cause sharing stories has been and always will be a source of pleasure and fun.
This is what my 2nd year intermediate level students at Avilés EOI have written for their short story writing assignment. I had a very good time reading them and I can say it takes a great deal of creativity and imagination to produce such nice pieces of writing.
I encourage you to read them and send some commets to the writers. People who try to do their best to put words together and express what their imagination has produced always appreciate comments from the readers.

03 February 2010

Never Twice ( by Juan José González Muñiz)

The sun was nearly set. Judging by the piles of ruins which could be seen, in former times, there surely existed huge buildings in that place, buildings which were the pride of the people who lived there. Nowadays, only the ruins remained; the bushes and the trees grew among them and were slowly hiding their old splendour.
Park, a boy about fifteen years old, walked with difficulty along the old streets full of stones, bricks, wood, plastic, rubble…
He was coming back home after spending a day searching for food. He lived with a small group of people. They were survivors of the disaster that had destroyed humanity. The governments of big and small countries alike had paid attention to the development of atomic weapons.
Powerful countries did so to defend themselves against other powerful ones. The small countries did the same to defend themselves against the small ones. All the countries, big or small, followed the same policy, which they called “Secure Mutual Destruction”. They thought that it was the best policy to ensure security and peace in the world.
Everything started with a minor problem of borders between two small countries, which didn’t hesitate to use small tactic missiles with a small nuclear head. The situation got worse with the intervention of their protectors. The flaws in their self defence and communication systems lead to a massive use of nuclear weapons in order to ensure each country’s security. So, thousands of missiles flew in all directions destroying major towns and storage silos.
Human and animal life was destroyed. Only a few groups survived isolated, without contact.
Park came into the shelter, he left the roots that he had picked up and went to meet Anuk. Anuk was in his eighties and lived apart in a small hut. Park had always liked him. He usually spent a long time sitting in a corner listening to old stories about life before the disaster and Anuk would explain how things worked. The rest of the group thought he was to blame for the disaster because he had been working in a nuclear investigation centre.
That day, Park couldn’t find him. He went back to the shelter and asked where he was. He froze at the answer. Anuk had been executed because they found out he had built a wheel to carry wood to his hut.
The group had decided on his execution because they thought that could be the start of a new scientific development, and they couldn’t allow it because it might lead to another disaster. So, they didn’t hesitate and killed him.

01 February 2010

Three o'clock

It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang.
She got out of bed and run to the kitchen, where the phone was. The feeling of her bare feet on the cold floor kept her awake as she made her way to the kitchen.
She picked it up and answered, but nobody said a thing. She hung up the phone very annoyed, went back to bed and tried to catch the dream she was having. No chance. It was the best dream she’d ever had and some stupid phone call suddenly ended it. She couldn’t even remember what the dream was about!
As soon as she closed her eyes, the phone started ringing again. Two past three in the morning now. She hadn’t got to the kitchen when the phone stopped ringing.
She went back to bed, locked her bedroom door and closed her eyes. The phone rang again, but this time she decided to let it ring until it eventually stopped.

All of a sudden, when she was happily sleeping, she woke up.
It was one minute to three in the morning. Would the phone start ringing?
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