12 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Paula ( 2ºB-NB )

My name is Paula. I’m sixteen years old but my birthday is on the 23 of December. I’m Spanish and I live in Avilés. Avilés is a very old city in the north of Spain.
I live with my parents, Constantino and Ana Rosa, and with my brother, Amaro. I’m in my second year of Bachiller and I think it’s very difficult. I go to the School of Music, I play the violin and I’m in my eleventh year. My teacher is Polish and his name is Jacek. I really like playing the violin and I want to be a violinist in the future. I go to English classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
Now, I’m going to tell you something else about myself. I’ve got longish brown hair and brown eyes. I have dark skin and I don’t wear glasses. I’m shortish and average build.
I think I’m a generous person. I’m extrovert, sincere and friendly. I get on well with all the people. I’m very talkative and very very stubborn. I don’t like people who aren’t punctual.
I have a pet, it’s a cat and her name is Nika. She is very intelligent and funny. My cat is six months old and she use to live in the street.
I like languages but I’m not good at them, although I also study French.
In my free time I love listening to music. Actually, I like all kinds of music. I like going out to shopping with my mother.
I belong to an orchestra in Soria and I often go there and meet a lot of people from different places in Spain. It’s great fun and I learn very much.
In the photo, you can see a cat and a rabbit. The cat, Nika is my pet and the rabbit, Toby is her best friend. They play all the time.


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