13 December 2008

Personal Profile, by Angel ( 1ºA-NB )

Hello everybody ! I'm new here!
My name's Angel. I'm originally from Aviles , but now I live in Las Vegas , Corvera, with my wife and my son. Their names are Agueda and Ruben. Agueda works in a dry cleaner's for Pressto. Rubén is 12 years old. He plays handball at Corvera Balonmano. He plays the Drums too, because he likes music. I work for El Corte Inglés. I've been happily married for 15 years.
I'm in my first year at the Official School of Languages in Avilés. I study English in the morning on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and my teacher is Maria Jesús Balán. In the evening my English classes are on Tuesdays, Wednedsdays and Thursdays and my teacher is Alison. She is British.
I love traveling.I like reading books in Spanish or French. I like football and my favourite team is Sporting. I love music too, specially Blues. My favourite singer is B.B. King, but I like Eric Clapton very much too. My favourites bands are Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Red Hot......., but I love playing the guitar with my friends every Weekend.


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