27 December 2008

Blog Biblioteca EOI Avilés

Click on the links below and discover the new blogs the EOI Library can offer you.
You will find information about reading and audio material you can borrow from our library. You can also write reviews and comments on your favourite books and share them with others.
Join us and take part. Reading in good company is even more fun!


About Reading

Don´t forget to read the most famous editorial in the history of US Press and send a comment which could be a letter to Virginia or a Christmas message.
Click on the card below and read this cute piece of writing in English. You can also read it in Spanish if you find it too difficult ( Only for 1st year students!),

If you have read K's First Case or you are thinking of reading it , click on the image below to do some activities after you finish the book:

And don´t forget to have a nice holiday!


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