26 April 2018

Watch the video and learn how to describe your house. Then write your own description and share it with us in the comments section.


José Luis Fernández Alvarez said...

How is my house?

I live in a house. It isn´t big but it´s very comfortable. It has two fllors. On the groundfloor there are two bedrooms, a dinin-romm, a living-room, a bathroom and a nice kitchen; up there is a large loft. I would like to have a garden. Outside there are two patios, here I have a lot of plants and in I eat with my family in summer. My house have a lot of light, this is very importan for me. It hasn´t garage and I park my car in a building next to my house. I like my house!

Jose said...

Hi,Maria Jesus.Today I go talk you about my house.
I live in La Espina,a small village of about 500 people.
I live in a building of three floors.My son Hector lives in the first floor, my
brother Victor lives in the second floor and I live in the third floor.
In my flat there are four bedrooms,two bathrooms,a sitting room and a kitchen.In
the sitting room there is a piano of muy daughter Mar.
In my flat there are big windows and the sun comes in all day.
There is a garage for all cars in the ground floor.There isn't lift in our
building and that is a problem because we are getting old.

Berta said...

I live in a town. It´s in Aviles. It´s near the centre and the school. There are lots of cafes, shops, and place to go. I live a flat on the second of a seven-storey building. There are three bedrooms, two bathroom, a kitchen and a living room with big windows and there are some balconies. My bedroom has a small terrace. The living room has a big white sofa and I like it because it´s very comfortable. There are built-in closets in all the bedrooms but I would like have more built-in closets. There is a garage and a big garden.

Mercedes DIaz Castañeda said...

Hello María Jesús,

This is my house, it´s beautiful and something classic ; there is two hall,three bedrooms and a office, also two bathooms,one of my daughter and the other of my husmand and for my.
There is the living room with; furniture in geberal clasics,a sofa,some chairs une anchair, TV, a bureau a dining table, plants,photos lamps , and carpet,etc...
There is a big kitchen, style rustc. Then there is a garage with two lumper rooms always full.
The most beautiful daugther´s bedroom in white and pink.
My favorite space it´s my office small, in the living room with a big window,and there are my laptop and my study books, it´s very sunny.
My house it´s a flat in the center of the town ,l have not a garden but l have trees in my street and parks near. l´m happy there.

Juan Carlos 1º basico said...

I live in Avilés town. I live in a beautiful and a new flat on the fourth floor. It has tree bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and two bathrooms.
It has a garaje in the ground floor, but it doesn't has a garden.
The kitchen is new too, there is a table, four chairs, a light and a window with courtains.
The living room is big and very confortable, trere are two sofas, a table and a big window with courtains. There is a TV an remote control too. There is a small dining room area.
There is a big bedroom, it has a bathroom with a shower. There is a closet, a bed and two lamps, but it doesn't has a TV, because I don't like TV in the bedroom.

Soledad said...

Hi Mari Jesús
I live in a fla not very big, but very central in Aviles,
And very nice for me , I am very happy, because it is very confotable,
I have three roms and they are ,one is a Little bit smaller,
but is the one that .,
I like the most because, it is the one that , the more time , I am duringthe day is vhere I Study<i do may homework and I have my computer.
I have a kichen very confortable to be in it because,
It is not very small, and I like to cook,
A living room also comfotable whitk a very large sofá,
and when ,I have many people a home I can have a dining table to be more comfotable
a curtain that, I did my self, for me ,the are very bautiful
Wen the most confortable of my house is tal it is in the city anddd I have everything,
very close to make purchases
This is my Little apartment.

José Ramón Iglesias said...

I live in a big flat in Aviles. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. The living room is very sunny because it has two big windows and it is on the fifth floor.In living room there are many pictures on the walls. In my room there is a wardrobe, a bed and two night tables and there isn´t tv. There are showers in the two bathrooms but there aren´t baths. My flat is big and beautiful but I would like to live in a house in the country because I don´t like the city.

José Ramón Iglesias

ISABEL said...

Hello, I am Isabel.
I live in a small city. It is in Aviles.My house is very confortable. It has three bedrooms, two batrooms and a living. This is my favorite place.
I like my kitchen. Very beatiful.
It has lift an garage.
I am happy in my house.
See you..

Silvia said...

My flat is in Madrid.Is a flat very beautifull for my, it has three rooms with big view, a living-room for enjoy the free time with my family, a kitchen small but very beautifull, a bathroom with a bath very big and a lot of light, too i have a pantry. Up in the attic there is a storage.
I like my flat but i would like have one house with garden and swimminpool.

Nazmun Nahar said...

Hi Maria Jesus

I'm Nazmun Nahar. My house is small but it's beautiful. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and one living room with a big window. I can see the quirinal school with this beautiful window. And another side have a beautiful park. I can see it also. I think my house is on good place of the town. I love it very much

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