10 July 2008


There are a lot of web sites and blogs throughout the Internet which can be really useful to help you improve your English.
I have selected some really interesting ones and made up a list for you.
If you notice that one of the links is no longer available, or if you can suggest any others which you think should be included, please , let me know.

The following sites contain activities with different levels of difficulty (ranging from beginner to advanced) which are clearly organised in sections according to skill area and language level:
  • ELLA- Site aimed to help the students that are taking part in the new English courses that started in 2007 in all the EOIs in Asturias
  • ESL Independent Study Lab- Contains over 250 Internet resources for ESL/EFL students. All Web sites are clearly annotated.
  • Agenda Web- Hundreds of free exercises to learn English online: grammar, vocabulary, verbs, songs and videos.
  • Isabel's ESL Site- Exercises, Web based Materials, Workshops and links for Primary and Secondary Education.
  • esl.about.com-All sorts of activities to practice your English: grammar and vocbulary exercises, reading, listening comprehension and speaking dialogues.
  • La Mansión del Inglés- Very interesting Spanish site with lots of exercises.
  • om Multumedia- Free courses for Spanish speaking students of English, from beginner to advanced level . Very interesting and free of charge.
  • Recursos Multimedia Malted-From elementery to upper intermediate level.

  • BBC Learning English- Improve your listening skills with BBC English
  • esl.about.com- Listening activities graded by level.
  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab- Everyday Conversations with Adult and Children's Voices
  • Adult Learning Activities-Extremely good. It contais audio and video activtities to improve your reading and vocabulary skills as well as your oral comprehension.
  • Real English- ESL site that utilizes authentic and natural videos of people speaking real English on streets.
  • Elllo free online listening resource of over 1,000 listening activities
  • British Council Listen & Watch. Podcasts and videos with listening comprehension activities to improve your skills. Several different levels. Very interesting.

Grammar and vocabulary
  • englisch-hilfen.de -English grammar, vocabulary, exercises, exams, information for learners of English as a foreign language ...
  • Interactiv Lernen- Interactive exercises at different levels.



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