20 October 2008

The alien and the underdog.

Who is Barak Obama?

Presidential candidate Barak Obama showed his sense of humour joking about his identity at a white-tie charity dinner in New York city. Obama was not the only one to tell jokes and prove he has a great sense of humour . As you will see, candidate McCain can also be really funny. I found the videos hilarious and enjoyed them a great deal. Why don't you watch and see?

You can also do the following activity to check your understanding:

McCain's 'underdog' joke

(When someone is considered the 'underdog' at a competition or political election, this means they are at a disadvantage or expected to lose.)

At the same charity dinner the Republican candidate didn't waste the opportunity to make some jokes. Who did candidate John McCain thank for giving him support? Can you guess?

Are you surprised? He thanked no other than ... Hillary Clinton!

Can you imagine Zapatero and Rajoy joking like this? Would you like them to do so ?


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