08 November 2018

Who are they?

You are going to describe famous people and you classmates have to guess who they are. You only have to write a short paragraph about a celebrity and other people may send comments saying who they think each person is.


Anonymous said...

He's very thin and has short dark straight hair with a fringe.
He has fair skin and in the picture he looks happy.
He's wearing a white t-shirt under a spotted white shirt and a dark vest.
I've decided to describe him because he looks like my husband when he was nine.

Adrianix said...

He's Marilyn Manson!
Now it's my turn:
She looks very young in her photo, she's blonde, and she's wearing a very beautiful dress.
Who do you think she is?

laurita said...

She´s Jenifer Lopez!!! and she´s a famous persons how singer and actriss.
She is in her 30s.She is tall and she has a prefect body for me because she is welt built.
She´s married with Marc Antoni and they have a two childrens.

fabiola said...

He's Young .He has sky-blue eyes.
He's average height; He's thin; He has wavy brown hair; He's wear t-shir. When He was child , He lived in the united states. He's single; He is a singer,He likes rap music. His real name is Marshall Bruce. His nickname is Eminem.

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