25 November 2009

Glacier Collapse Video

Watch this amazing video that Chema, one of your classmates, has sent me and see a huge glacier move and collapse right before the onlookers' eyes!

Now answer the following questions:
  1. What did they hear before they arrived at the lake?

  2. What caused the sounds they heard?

  3. Did they imagine what was going to happen?

  4. Were the people frightened at the beginning?

  5. When did the crowd realise that it was really dangerous?

  6. Did the people have time to react?

  7. How long did it take for the whole mountain of ice to fall down?

  8. Was anybody injured when they were swept by the huge wave?

  9. What caused the wave?

  10. Did anybody die when they were pounded against the rocks ?


emi said...

It was amazing. I like that type of strong experiences

Chema said...

Hi, everybody:
The reckless always exist. The animal instinct is better than the rational animal?

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