22 April 2010

Hi, E.S.L. Bloggers!

My name is María Jesús Balán and I teach English at Avilés EOI.
It is a pleasure to welcome you to ESL Bloggers, my place on the blogosphere and , from now on, your place too. Make yourselves at home!
There are so many people , like you and I , who use English as their second language ! Many people who like listening to music, watching their favourite films or series, reading books, surfing the net , talking to others and making new friends ...
When we start learning a new language, we all think that we´ll never be able to understand fims which aren´t dubbed , or read books, or chat in the language we are learning. Sometimes it may seem hard to reach your goal but never doubt that you´ll succeed , as long as you keep trying , because the only key to success is practice, practice and more pratice.
This blog wants to offer you the chance to practise your English and ... why not ? have some fun sharing and talking about some of the things you enjoy.


macose said...

Welcome in the blogosphere. I'm happy somebody else at our school has decided to start blogging, you'll see it's great fun.

Maria Jesus said...

Hi, Macose!
Yours has been the first comment on this blog. I was so glad to receive it!
You encouraged me to start this blogging adventure. Thank you for your aid and support.

carmen said...

Hi, Maria Jesús!

It makes me really happy to have another fellow blogging teacher. Your blog looks great and starts full of content already!

My warmest welcome to the blogosphere from Bloggin away!

Maria Jesus said...

Hi, Carmen!
Thanks so much for your welcome and your compliments about this new blog! They mean a lot to me, specially when they come from someone whose blog is so good.
We miss you here. Your course at EOI Avilés was great and you taught us a lot of interesting things related to new technologies.

MJ said...

Well done! Great job, lots of very attractive content. I'm sure everybody interested in ESL will benefit from it.
All the best

Maria Jesus said...

I´m really happy you like this blog and find it interesting.
It will be much more fun now that some of us, at EOI Aviles have started out as bloggers!

Kwaku said...

As a user of English as a second language and a retired teacher of the subject myself, I wholeheartedly agree with the views expressed in the blog of Maria Jesus Balan. I’ve always felt so strongly about finding ways of encouraging students to develop as much background information as possible through centres of interest, e.g. films, music, dance etc. Now, thanks to digital technology, I’ve discovered that one way of doing it while reaching as many students as possible is through an online game I’ve been developing – www.sensedom.com. Sensedom utilizes features like text, music, video, sound and graphics through educational word games, simultaneously enhancing their reading level and overall language development. So the user learns without knowing s/he learns.

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