21 April 2010

10 blogs worth browsing

Our blog has been chosen as one of their ten selected Blogs worth visiting by our fellow bloggers Saro Rosales and Chiew N Pang. This mention means a lot to me, specially when it comes from two people who are doing such great work and whose blogs, Saro Rosales and A click to Climb are excellent.
This is part of an interesting inititiative called "Vale la pena ficar de olho nesse blog!", whose aim is to introduce a selection of blogs that you consider really interesting and valuable.
These are the ones I have chosen, among all the great ones I have come across throughout the blogosphere.
Visit them, they are really worth it!


Saro Rosales said...

I'm flattered. I'm a frequent visitor of your blog, and I have recommended it to my students. You do a fantastic job. thanks

"Helendipity" said...

Thank you so much for choosing my Blog as one of your favourites. Others you have chosen belong to a colleague of mine - so that must mean we're on the right track.

Chiew said...

I didn't realise that I'd repeated Saro's recommendation...and ironically, I was the one insisting that the recommended shouldn't be repeating any blogs on the recommender's list! LoL
Just goes to show your popularity, then. Thanks for your comments on Espiral Edublogs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for recommending our blog in Cangas. It's been a very busy year for me and I have neglected my personal blog quite badly, but I have managed to create a new one for our school that I hope students will discover little by little. I like blogs, and yours is fantastic, by the way.

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