19 November 2019

Sean Conery is Bond, James Bond.

I can't think of anyone better than James Bond to teach you how to introduce yourselves. He's the best, so ... pay attention, specially you, guys. You could lean one or two things from him. He can show you how to be classy, attractive and cool, real cool.
And you shouldn't miss that nice British accent of his. I love it!

Watch this video and see how James Bond introduces himself.

'What's his name? Who is he?'
'His name's Bond, James Bond.'
( Who else could he be? )

By the way ... do you like James Bond films? Who's the best James Bond ever? Do you prefer Sean Conery or Pierce Brosnan , or any of the others?
Why don't you send me a comment with your answers to these questions? I'd like to know your opinions.


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is one fan of Bond's films and he always say that the very best James Bond is Connery :)

I saw some films (but not all, there are a lot!!!) and I saw the last one with Daniel Craig, at first he seemed to be very ... rude... (I don't know if this is the best adjetive) but he is very cool too... I'm waiting for the next film (this year?) :)

María Jesús Balán said...

I haven´t seen those new James Bond films starring Daniel Craig. However, I saw him in the film 'Munich' and I liked his performance very much.
As well as being a good actor, he has a very nice voice and quite good looks.
By the way,the word you are looking for may be tough or rugged.

Anonymous said...

that's right!! this was what I wanted to say :)

You sould see this films, are really good :)

Unknown said...

I think the best 007 ever is Daniel Craig, he's young, he does his own stunt scenes, and his movies are full of action and beautiful women... I'm waiting for 007: Quantum of Solace (I think it will be showing this november or december... I don't know.)

María Jesús Balán said...

I'll follow your advice and watch the films when I have the chance.
Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Pancha said...


María Jesús Balán said...

Thanks for telling us. I'll try to go to the cinema and see it there. It's much more fun to watch a film at the cinema, isn´t it?

Pancha said...

yes of course! you feel like you were there,inside the history!! ;)

the problem I find sometimes in the cinema is the volume of the sound, sometimes it's too much loud, noisy... but all the rest is good to have some fun :)

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