28 October 2018

Beginners ; Starting out.

Hi! How're you doing?
My name is Mª Jesús and I’m you new English teacher.

What's your name?
Here you are, ready to start learning a new language and here I am , ready to do my best to help you reach your goal.
I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy, it will require patience and effort but , step by step, your English will improve and you will find out that you can have fun as well as you learn.
Come on! Let's start from scratch.
We are going to practise how to greet people and introduce ourselves with the following activities:
Now let's practise with numbers:

Number Train

You can find more exercises with numbers in the section called Kids.


Paco González said...

Hi Maria Jesús:

I would encourage all your students to participate in your blog. I did so during the last year and I really enjoyed doing the different activities. I also think that it was a great help in my final exam. I'll keep visiting it as often as possible.

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