18 May 2009

A Holiday in León ( By Guty,1ºA-NB )

I went to Leon last August with my girlfriend.
We went to Leon by bus. We stayed in a big hotel in the centre of the city.
The hotel was very nice. We could see a very beautiful park in front of our window.
During the day we walked around the city. We took a lot of photos.
We visited the Cathedral. It was very big and we couldn't see it because it was closed. At night we went to a restaurant and then we had some drinks.
Leon is very beautiful but it was very hot.


María Jesús Balán said...

Nice city, León. It has one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain.
It's a pity you could not see its splendid Gothic stained glass windows.

Chema said...

Encourage me to understand everything.
To be close, Asturians pass often. Much has changed, as other cities in Spain. Eats very well in some wineries. I can not enter the Cathedral, when I was there.

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