13 May 2009

March in Norway (By Reyes-1ºA-NB)

I know Oslo in summer and I like it very much, but Oslo in winter is beautiful.
I stayed in Norway for ten days and the countryside was surprising : the houses covered with snow, the trees, the frozen lakes etc.

Norwegian houses have many colours. People go to skiing around frozen lakes and go skating on the frozen surface.
At night, all the houses have their lights on and their windows don't have curtains, because daylight is very important for them.
Everybody speaks two languages, English and Norwegian.
In Oslo, the shops open at 9'00 am and they close at 5'00 pm. They don't close for lunch. Norway' s currency is Norwegian Krone.


ANDREW said...

Hi Emi

What beautiful pictures! and comments, I'm a bit jealous to see those things.


Pilar said...

Hello Reyes!
I liked it very much, but the place it´s very cold for me. I prefer Norway in summer :D

María Jesús Balán said...

Beautiful but freezing cold! Very nice anyway.

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