31 January 2010

It was three o'clok in the morning when....

It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang. I was sleeping and it was freezing outside.
«Who is calling me at this hour?», I wondered.
I got out of bed and ran quickly to pick up the phone. In that moment, the phone stopped ringing. As soon as I checked it, I realised that it was a private call.
I went back to bed and I fell asleep but, suddenly, the phone rang again.
«This cannot be happening to me», I shouted loudly while the phone bell stopped ringing.
Five calls later, I decided to disconnect the phone so that I could finally rest.
The next morning I came across my friend Peter, who was laughing at me, so I asked him why he was so amused. He said that he’d just read a fantastic joke but I didn’t believe him. Then he told me that the night before he’d been calling to a random phone number just to play a prank.
«You are silly», I said, «You were calling me, cabbagehead».


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