31 January 2010

The Nightmare

Everyting started with a big explosion, the shock wave travelled along the shuttle and all the alarms went off; it was the signal that something was wrong...really wrong and, possibly, that was only the beginning.
John, the co-pilot of “Universe” aircraft jumped out of bed, quickly got dressed and ran to the cockpit.

When he arrived there he found that the noise was not a false alarm, that it was a real disaster. A lot of buttons on the instrument panel were flashing, the master alarm was beeping every single second, one screen showed data from the central pc informing of malfunction in both engines and Muller, the pilot, was on the ground unconscious.

John was terrified; the shuttle was out of control and had started to fall down. Quickly, he took the controls and struggled to lift the shuttle, but it was impossible, the aircraft was hopeless and the probability to survive the impact was null.

He connected the loudspeaker and informed all the crew they had to abandon the shuttle on the escape capsules.

Unfortunately, it was too late and only a couple of seconds later the shuttle exploded and that was the end...

- “John, wake up please, we have a problem”- When John opened his eyes he understood that the accident had been a nightmare – “what's happened?”
- “John, we need you, we have a little problem. We've detected a malfunction in the engines, the cockpit's door is closed and Muller doesn’t answer us”
- In that moment, John´s face suddenly changed, and he only gave and a simple order:
- “Run to the escape capsules!!!”


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