29 January 2010

Mini Sagas

A mini saga is a story which must be told in exactly 50 words. The original idea came from science fiction writer Brian Aldiss and the British newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph' has run several mini-saga competitions so far.
My 2nd year intermediate level studens at Aviles EOI have written their own mini sagas and would like to share them with you. Read and enjoy.

A Holiday Romance

“Each 28th of August I’ll be on this beach waiting for you. This isn’t a holiday romance. It’s everlasting love ”.

August 28th 2009.

A man was scattering his wife’s ashes into the sea while another one was walking along the seashore and waiting for someone, like every summer since 1980.

By Susana Fonseca

The Lie

-"I'm Frank Tierney. What's your name, lovely?".
Three hours later they were having their last drink in a club, after a delicious dinner in the most romantic restaurant ever. Suddenly, when they were just about to jump into a cab, his phone rang:
-" Marc, darling, are you gonna be long?".

By María Fernández

Never Again

“Things don’t usually happen twice”.
Robert’s so worried about this fact that he always carries a camera. His wife says he’s obsessed.
Last September they suddenly came across Brad Pitt in Avilés. Robert took a photograph of his wife with the actor. Now, she always says: “Remember to bring the camera”.

By Nacho Pulido

"I'm gonna give up smoking"
Can anyone fulfil this resolution? I think it’s nearly impossible, at least for me.
Although I gave up smoking twenty years ago, I’m not sure if I will pick it up again. Most of us make the same mistakes once and again, even though we know how dangerous they are.

By Susana Fonseca

She got the long-awaited e-mail, it said that they had found a man who fit the description of her ideal man she had given them.

She´d spent too many years lonely, so she´d decided to go to that dating agency.

There was just a problem, the man was her ex-husband.

By Patricia Pérez Ordóñez


Maribel Oliver said...

Making students write mini sagas is such a great idea!!! Very creative and interesting!!
Congratulations on your blog!!

María Jesús Balán said...

Thanks a lot, Maribel. I'm glad you like the activity.
It was a wonderful surprise for me to find out how creative my students are! I really had a good time reading their short stories.

Anonymous said...

i would of never thought they would look so short considering they have 50 words in them....they really are amazing.

Age 9

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